Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

This entry in the franchise has a more interesting single player story and better graphics

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Gamers who would like to immerse themselves in a fast-paced world of action will have a tough time finding many faults with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The biggest change to the franchise is the integration of the advanced exoskeletons and other futuristic gadgets. Many of the original themes and controls remain unchanged, and that makes it extremely easy for Call of Duty fans to pick up right where they left off on the last titles.

For many years, the biggest problem with most Call of Duty titles was the static nature of the gameplay. While they all had their own nuances and features, the mechanics remained relatively unchanged for over eight years. Advanced Warfare was exactly what this franchise needed to compete with some of the other leading first-person shooters. Both the campaign and online gameplay have just enough changes to keep fans coming back for more.

The campaign is visually stimulating and keeps players interested in the storyline as they are slowly introduced to different weapons and technology in each new level. Another major campaign overhaul was the use of world-renowned actors such as Kevin Spacey. His acting further draws players into the exciting and engaging world. Game designers struck an excellent balance between high-tech graphics, acting, and new mechanics.

No matter how amazing the campaign might be, most players continue to play their favorite Call of Duty titles because of the competitive online matches. All of the traditional gameplay modes such as capture the flag, team deathmatch, and kill confirmed have been updated with new maps and theme packs. While the eye-catching campaign might draw players in, the online gameplay is sure to keep them coming back for more.


  • Well-balanced multiplayer maps
  • Exciting campaign
  • Excellent tutorial
  • Fresh mechanics


  • Survival matches are tedious
  • Uneven weapon balance
  • Acting is occasionally over-the-top

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